Small Ways To Prep Your Motorhome For A Trip To Vegas

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Small Ways To Prep Your Motorhome For A Trip To Vegas

24 May 2016
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Taking in Vegas without having to worry about accommodations is the best way to explore the Las Vegas Strip. Being able to stay in your motorhome at night and roam the city during the day makes for a less expensive and laid back vacation. However, if you plan to take your motorhome on the Las Vegas strip, rather than taking it camping, there are some special service and preparations that you want to make for your vehicle. 

Add blackout curtains and tinting

Vegas is bright all the time, whether it is day or night. Located in the West, Las Vegas, NV is typically a warm climate with many hours of sunshine. At night, the lights from the casinos, hotels, restaurants, and shops are all lit up. Since many of the motorhome camps are located next to major hotels and casinos, you want to get blackout curtains installed. It is also a good idea to get tinting on the windows, especially in the sleeping areas. This will decrease the heat that comes in, as well as stop the light from pouring in at night. 

Bring an extra cooler or mini fridge

One thing that you will want to have on hand in Las Vegas is water. If you are going when the temperature is hot, you will find yourself drinking a lot more water than usual to stay hydrated. Add an extra cooler or mini fridge to your RV before a Las Vegas trip and fill it with drinks that will hydrate, such as water, lemonade, and 100% juice. 

Make the RV wireless capable

In Las Vegas, wireless internet will come at a price. Casinos, hotels, and other public areas will typically charge a fee for their wireless services. If you are parking your RV in a hotel parking lot, they may require you to pay a resort fee in order to have access to the wireless internet, even if you are not staying in the actual hotel rooms. Wireless internet will be useful in Las Vegas to make dining reservations at popular restaurants, contact hosts more quickly, and to research the rates and locations of specific adventures. Instead of paying high fees, make your motorhome Wi-Fi capable either with a hot spot or wireless plan offered for cars. This wireless will also work all of the time, so that when you drive to a new area in your RV, you won't encounter yet another wireless fee. 

Waterproof the hallways and sitting areas

Pools are a major source of fun in Las Vegas for adults and children. There are resorts with and stand-alone pools in Las Vegas that you can access for a small fee. Many of these pools full-service parties with cabanas, music, and refreshments throughout the day and night. If you plan to engage in some pool fun on your Las Vegas vacation, it is a good idea to waterproof your motorhome. Lay down heavy plastic hallway rugs and use waterproof spray on all of your fabric surfaces. This way when you and your family walk through the motorhome after a day at the pools, water will not drip and stand on carpeting nor soak into furniture. At the end of each day, wipe down your furniture to make sure any water or sweat that penetrated the furniture dries and does not cause mildew. 

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