What To Do If A Vehicle Is Blocking Your Driveway

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What To Do If A Vehicle Is Blocking Your Driveway

20 May 2016
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If you have a home in the city, there is more than likely street parking that can sometimes create a bit of a hassle for you. People do not always pay attention to where they park when they are in a hurry. If someone has blocked your driveway when they parked on the street and you do not know who owns the car, you may need to consider having the vehicle towed so that you can get where you need to go. The guide below walks you through the process of having a vehicle towed when it is blocking your driveway.

Obtain Information About the Vehicle

The first thing you will need to do is to gather pertinent information about the vehicle. Obtain the license plate number, the make, and the model of the car. Also, pay attention to the color of the vehicle. When you go out to get the license plate, the driver of the vehicle may see you outside and ask what you are doing. This is a good opportunity to let them know that they are blocking your driveway. Many drivers will move their car right away so that you can get out of your driveway. If this happens, you do not need to have the car towed. If the driver refuses to remove their vehicle, proceed on to the next steps listed below.

Contact Your Local Parking Division

Next, you need to constant your local parking division in your area. The parking division will be able to send a traffic officer to your location to ticket the car for improper parking. The division needs to know all of the information you obtained for the vehicle and your address so that they can send an officer right away.

Do Not Make Additional Contact with the Driver

Once the officer tickets the car, he or she will be able to call a tow truck service to come and tow the vehicle away. Once the vehicle is towed, the driver of the car may come to your home asking where their car is. Do not answer the door or make any contact with the driver because you do not know how they will respond when they find out that their car was towed.

Eventually, the driver will more than likely contact the police to report their car as stolen. When they call, the police will let them know that the parking division reported the vehicle as being improperly parked and had it towed from the location. The driver will then have to go to the impound lot and pay for all of the towing and storage fees before they can get their car out of the impound lot.