Own A Backhoe? 3 Things You Should Know When Purchasing New Tires

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Own A Backhoe? 3 Things You Should Know When Purchasing New Tires

23 May 2016
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If you own a backhoe, you know it can do jobs that other machines simply cannot do. This is because you can attach a variety of tools to backhoes depending on what task needs to be done. To keep your backhoe running in good condition, you need to provide it with good maintenance. Part of this maintenance is making sure the tires are in good condition. If you find the tires are not in good condition and you are replacing them, below are three things you should know.

Good Grip

A good quality in a backhoe tire is good group no matter what type of ground it is on. There are two types of tread patterns for backhoe tires: soft and hard. Soft tread patterns are used when the backhoe is used on roads that consist of sand, snow, and mud. Hard tread patterns are used when the backhoe is used on rock, concrete, or asphalt. 

Size of Tires

The size of your backhoe tires are also something to take into consideration.  First of all, when buying two new back tires, they must fit the rim on the backhoe properly. You can find the tire size your backhoe needs on the sidewall of the tire. They are generally in two sets of numbers, the first number being the width of the tire and the second number the rim diameter. Write these numbers down when you go to the tire store to purchase your new tires to ensure you purchase the right sizes.

Two Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive

If you have a newer backhoe, you likely have four-wheel drive. If so, the same types of tread are used on both the rear and the front tries.  This allows you to drive on any type of terrain with no problems. If you have an older backhoe, it is likely a two-wheel drive. If so, the tread on the back tires are based on what you use your backhoe for, and the front tires are generally a ribbed tire that has no traction.  This type of drive will not work well if you are driving on hard terrain.

It can be confusing when it comes to buying new tires for a backhoe, especially if you have never purchased them before. For this reason, you should visit a tire store (like XL Auto Service & Tires) to learn much more about backhoe tires. They can help you choose what tires are best for the type of backhoe you have and what you use it for.