Answers To A Few Common Auto Body Repair Questions

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Answers To A Few Common Auto Body Repair Questions

24 May 2016
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Maintaining your car's body will likely involve you needing to have damages repaired at some point over the time you own the vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be common for car owners to be fairly inexperienced and uninformed about these repairs. If you will be needing to have this type of damage addressed for the first time, you may benefit from having a few basic questions answered.

Will You Have A Say In Which Auto Body Repair Service You Can Use?

If you will be filing an insurance claim to have these damages repaired, you may assume that the insurance company will dictate where you can have the car repaired. However, there are laws in place that ensure you have the right to choose which licensed repair facility works on your car. Your insurance may have a list of preferred repair providers that may offer amenities, such as shuttle and rental car services, but you will have the final say in where these repairs are done, such as at Steven & Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc.

Will Dent Repair Always Require A New Coat Of Paint?

Dents can be one of the more common types of damage that will need to be repaired. Depending on the severity of the dent and whether the paint has been damaged, you may be able to avoid paying to have an a new coat of paint applied. This is possible through the use of paintless dent repair, which uses suction cups and pressure to gently pull dents out of your car's body. Whether this is a viable option will depend on the location of the dent and the size of it. Fortunately, an auto body repair technician will be able to determine whether or not this type of repair is possible.

How Can You Get The Most From Your Newly Painted Car?

In many instances, repairing your car's exterior may require applying a new coat of paint to it. When this is the case, it is important for you to understand the steps that can be taken to ensure the paint lasts for as long as possible. One of the first things you will need to do is to allow the paint to fully cure before you wash it and apply a coat of wax. Failure to follow this step can cause the paint to develop bubbles and peel away from the car's body. Typically, it will take about a month to cure, but your repair technician will be able to give a more precise time based on the type of paint that was used.

After the paint has cured, you will want to make sure to wash the car on a regular basis to remove dirt, dust, sap and bird droppings as these materials can compromise the paint. In addition to washing the car, it is important to apply a coat of wax at least a couple of times a year to help protect the paint from minor scratches and corrosion.