How New Drivers Can Affect A Clutch

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How New Drivers Can Affect A Clutch

25 May 2016
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New drivers will sometimes not properly engage the clutch. This can cause a lot of damage to the transmission if this is done frequently. While a new driver may quickly learn how to properly engage the clutch, the mistakes that he or she has made can still be noticeable later when the clutch does not properly engage.

Used Car Clutches

Newer clutches are able to handle the strain of improperly using the transmission. However, when the bad release of the clutch is performed on an older car, this can lead to a lot of demand being placed on related parts. The clutch is designed to be the first component that breaks in order to save more valuable components from being damaged.

How The Clutch Becomes Damaged

The clutch can experience clutch plate burnout or chipped teeth. When one part of the clutch is not working properly, this can lead to the rest of the assembly being affected. Other parts break and the engine begins to develop a growing number of problems.

Clutch disc damage can be caused by an incorrect selection of a low gear when driving at a speed where the driven plate accelerates instantly to a speed greater than the facing burst strength. Also, if the clutch disc surpasses the facing burst speed limit when the clutch is disengaged, the clutch can then be reengaged and this will cause the facing to completely disintegrate. Then, the facing is entwined with the pressure plate and this interferes with the proper operation of the clutch components. If the clutch is damaged, you must have your car taken to a transmission repair shop.

You will know that the clutch needs to be replaced when you notice the burning smell of smoke that results from the clutch overheating. This will be noticeable when riding on the clutch. You might notice that the clutch often slips out of gear, a sign that it is worn out. The clutch may also stick, making it more difficult to disengage. This often means there is a leak that needs to be repaired, but doesn't always indicate a clutch failure.

If you are concerned about the clutch being damaged by a new driver, you should have them learn how to use the clutch while attending driving school. The potential costs of clutch damage, often caused by new drivers, are factored into the price of the driving school lessons.