Leaving For Weeks And Worried About Your Aging Parent? The Important Things To Do Before You Go

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Leaving For Weeks And Worried About Your Aging Parent? The Important Things To Do Before You Go

25 May 2016
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Do you check in on your parent several times a week, and you worry about them because you have to leave for a long period of time? Although they may live by themselves, drive, prepare their own meals, and be as independent as possible, you don't want to leave thinking there could be problems when you go. If you are the one that they call when there are problems with the house or other concerns, you want to prepare for your departure by reducing the chances of problems when you leave. Get the following things completed.

Auto Repair Inspection

Have their automobile taken in for a tune-up and inspection (from professionals such as those from Newton Tire Company). This can prevent the likelihood that they end up stranded on the side of the road while you're gone, or it can detect problems that need to be repaired before they get behind the wheel. Take the vehicle in yourself and talk with the auto mechanic about any auto repairs they think are needed right away, and what you want to have done before you leave.

HVAC Tune-Up

Do you worry that the air conditioner or the furnace is going to break down while you're away and that an HVAC company will need to be called? Are you the one who usually works with these service professionals, compares prices, and makes sure that your parent isn't taken advantage of? If so, you want to have these machines tuned up before you depart, and the inspection professional can check for problems that could arise when you're gone.

Security Upgrade or Installation

Does your parent have a security system for the home? If they don't, you may want to get an estimate to have a basic unit installed. You'll feel safe knowing they will have the system if they are targeted for an intrusion, and some systems can be controlled by your cell phone. This allows you to monitor activity in and out of the house wherever you are.

If being away from your parent for weeks or a long time makes you nervous, because you aren't sure what is going to happen that they can't handle or shouldn't handle on their own, then take care of all these concerns in advance. Create a plan with your parent so they know what to do or who to call when something goes wrong around the house or with their car and you'll be all set.