4 Problems A Car Might Have With A Problematic Transmission

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4 Problems A Car Might Have With A Problematic Transmission

3 June 2016
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Are you frustrated with the check engine light staying on in your car? If you know that the engine is not in need of a repair, the problem might stem from something being wrong with the transmission. You must understand that the transmission and engine work together to help the gears function. A lack of transmission fluid is one of the common reasons for transmission problems. Take a look at this article for more insight about what can happen to your car when the transmission is not functioning as it should.

1. Hesitation When Switching Gears

If you have notice any hesitation when you are trying to switch into different gears, this is a big sign of a transmission malfunctioning. For instance, you might need to drive in reverse and have to wait a few minutes before you are able to. The problem likely stems from the transmission not sending enough power to all or some of the gears.

2. Excessive Jerking While Driving

Once a transmission begins to go out, you might notice that your car jerks a lot when you are driving. The jerking may only occur mildly in the beginning, but it will continue to get worse as you drive around without getting the transmission repaired. It is actually very important to invest in a prompt repair when jerking occurs because it usually happens right before the transmission stops working altogether. You can then end up having to purchase a new transmission or get the one that you have rebuild, which is costly no matter which option you choose.

3. No Longer Being Able to Drive in Reverse

One of the common problems that a bad transmission causes is the inability to drive a car in reverse. You can end up not being able to park in certain spaces due to the inability to back out of them, including your own driveway. Eventually, you might not be able to use any of the gears.

4. Complete Transmission Failure While in Traffic

The worst thing that can happen when you have a car with a bad transmission is it going out while you are driving in heavy traffic. You can end up causing a bad collision in the blink of an eye. It is wise for you to get the transmission fluid inspected in case your car needs more of it. Simply take your car to a mechanic and he or she can let you know if the transmission is responsible for your engine light staying on. Contact a company like B G & S Transmissions for more information.