How To Have Your Tiny Home Professional Moved

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How To Have Your Tiny Home Professional Moved

7 June 2016
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Moving a tiny home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for a homeowner, especially if you do not own a truck. If you want to move your tiny home, you can always hire a towing company to move the home for you. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having your tiny home moved.

Know the Weight

The towing company will need to know the approximate weight of the home before they can move it. Each tow truck is only able to haul a certain amount of weight. If your home weighs more than the average tow, the towing company will need to send a heavy-duty tow truck to haul the house for you.

Know the Height

The company will also need to know the height of the home. Bridges and overpasses are set at a designated height. If the home is not shorter than that designated height, the house will not be able to be towed under any bridges or overpasses, which can be difficult depending on where the house is located and where it is going.

Know the Route

Next, you and the towing company will work together to create a route that is safe and manageable for the tow truck driver. Some jurisdictions have limits as to how large of a load can be towed through a specific area of town. High traffic areas sometimes have a limit as to how large an item can be in order to safely travel through town. Back roads can be used to transport your home, if it cannot be towed using the most direct route possible.

Know the Specific End Destination

Go to the location where you plan to park your tiny home and determine exactly where you want the home to be placed. If you have water and electrical hookups already set in place, be sure to know which way the driver needs to turn the home so that you have easy access to the ports that connect to the water and the electricity. You also want to be sure that the location is as flat as it can be. Grate the land to make it flat if needed before the home arrives.

The towing company should be able to get the home to the new location quickly and easily. Be sure to take the time to secure all loose items before the home is moved so that nothing falls over and breaks when the home is being moved from one place to another. Contact a company like Crouse Body Shop Inc. for more information.