Keep Rust Off Your Car This Winter

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Keep Rust Off Your Car This Winter

17 November 2016
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A tiny spot of rust can easily spread and compromise both the visual aesthetics of your vehicle and the functional components of it. Here are steps you can take to keep rust off your car this winter.

#1 Go Through The Car Wash Once Per Week

The best thing you can do for your car to protect it from rust this winter is to take your vehicle through the car wash on a weekly basis. Taking your vehicle through the car wash will wash away all the salt and sludge that is stuck to your vehicle that can cause rusting. When you take your vehicle through the car wash, make sure that you choose the car washing option where the undercarriage of your vehicle will be sprayed clean as well. This will get rid of salt and sludge from the underside of your car and protect the vital components on your vehicle from becoming compromised with rust.

If your local car wash also offers the option to spray a light wax coating on your vehicle after they wash it, you should go with this option as well. A light wax spray after having your vehicle washed will help keep the sludge and salt from sticking to your vehicle in between your car washes.

#2 Wax Your Vehicle Once A Month

Another thing you can do to keep rust away from your vehicle this winter is to wax your vehicle on a monthly basis. Before winter really gets into full swing, apply a thick coat of paste wax to your vehicle. This type of wax will require you to work on one section of your vehicle at a time, slowly applying the wax. This process should take a couple of hours. Make sure that you apply the wax thoroughly to the bottom half of your vehicle, especially around the wheels where sludge is most likely to accumulate. You want the wax to be especially thick in this area because this is where salt is going to come into contact with your vehicle the most.

Be sure to also apply wax to the paint inside of your door frame. Snow can easily get on this area of your vehicle and cause rust damage as well, so you should apply wax to the frame as well.

You should touch up your wax job in the following months with a light spray-wax application. Spray wax takes considerably less time to apply than paste-based wax and provides a great touch-up for your vehicle.

If you follow the two steps above every winter, you should be able to protect your vehicle from developing rust that will ruin both the visual appeal and the function of your vehicle. If your car does develop any rust this winter, contact a company like The Auto Pro to have repairs done.