Worried About Your Tires? Know The Trouble Signs To Watch For

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Worried About Your Tires? Know The Trouble Signs To Watch For

6 April 2018
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Every vehicle needs good tires to keep it running on the road. If the tires aren't functioning properly, the safety of your ride will be compromised. Issues like a poor wheel alignment, excessive tire wear, and more can cause problems that affect more than just the health of your tires. Here are some trouble signs to watch for.

Toe-Heel Wear

The concept of toe-heel tire wear happens when you have rear tires that have much more wear than your vehicle's front tires. It happens when tires are not rotated, but it could also be caused by a suspension problem. Do not make the mistake of assuming you need to just replace the rear tires, since it could be an indication of another problem with your vehicle.

It's a good idea to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles to prevent this type of wear from happening


Feathering happens when the tires edges wear down. This is typically caused by a suspension issue that should be investigated by a mechanic. You can tell if you have tire feathering by running your hands over the middle surface of the tire. If the tread seems deeper in the center than around the sides, you have a problem with tire feathering.

Thankfully, you may not need all new tires. Fix the suspension issue, and then rotate the tires. This should help even out the wear across all of them.


Bulges can show up in tires from driving over various potholes and curbs. It's an extreme form of damage that can happen to your tires, so when you notice bulges, it is best not to drive over more things that can make the problem worse. This is because a bulged tire runs the risk of blowing out unexpectedly.

Any bulging tire should be replaced immediately by an auto shop.


A tire can bald due to not having a good shock absorber on your vehicle. If your tires are bald, have the suspension inspected to verify the problem, and then, replace your bad shock absorber. The problem happens from the car bouncing more than usual, and the tires become bald due to the additional contact with the road that they are making.

These are just a few tire problems you can have with your vehicle. When you're not sure why your vehicle's tires are in bad shape, visit a mechanic for an inspection. For more information, talk to companies like Sterling Service Inc.