Three Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

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Three Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

6 November 2018
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Your vehicle's exhaust system is directly linked to the engine and works to remove gases that are produced through the normal operation of your car. This means that damage to your exhaust system can have a whole host of implications for you and the rest of your vehicle, affecting the performance of your engine and making it likely that your entire car may be unable to pass an emissions test. Understanding some of the indications that your exhaust system is no longer working as intended can help you determine when you should get in touch with an auto repair specialist to get your vehicle operating properly again.

Vibrating and Shaking Gas Pedal

One of the first signs of exhaust damage that will manifest itself while driving is a constant vibrating and shaking that comes up through the gas pedal. This is usually caused by some sort of hole in your exhaust system that is venting exhaust gases much too early, usually under high pressure. This causes the entire system to shake and vibrate, which can make further leaks and physical damage more likely to occur. The vibrations will get worse the faster you go since more gas will be vented through the exhaust system.

Increased Engine Noise

Another sign that your exhaust system has developed a hole within it is if you notice that the noise of your engine has greatly increased. Holes in the muffler or elsewhere in your exhaust system can make your engine sound much louder and rougher. Most of the time, the increased noise of your engine will come with vibrations as well, but don't discount either of these problems if only one appears: physical damage to your exhaust system can take many forms and will grow worse with time if left unaddressed.

Bad Smell within Your Car

Another sign that your exhaust system is in need of repair is if you notice the strong smell of exhaust gas within your vehicle while you are driving. This is a serious concern because it indicates that your exhaust system is actually leaking into the cabin, instead of properly venting gases outside of your vehicle. This is a health concern, as the gases that your engine produces can prove to be toxic and harmful to your health, so the best course of action would be to stop driving immediately and get in touch with a mechanic and towing company.

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