2 Possible Reasons Why Your Truck's Duramax Performance Engine Keeps Overheating

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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Truck's Duramax Performance Engine Keeps Overheating

10 November 2020
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Lately, you may have had problems with your diesel truck's Duramax performance engine overheating. You may find that you do not have to drive it for too long before the issue occurs. If you have already checked the radiator to find that there are no leaks, there are a couple of other possible reasons why the engine keeps overheating

1.  Water Pump Is Either Clogged or Broken

One possible reason why your truck's diesel engine keeps overheating not long after you start driving it could be an issue with the water pump. If the pump's filter has become clogged with soot, particulates, or other debris, this issue could greatly reduce the amount of antifreeze running through the engine's coolant lines.

If the amount of coolant reaching the engine is reduced even by a small amount, it will not be able to fully cool down your engine to where it stays in the optimal temperature range. If the filter becomes completely clogged, the engine will be too hot sooner, making it stall out.

Along with a clogged filter, the water pump itself could be failing or broken. If it is no longer able to fully pump the coolant through the engine, it will become too hot. If the water pump is not replaced soon it the filter not cleaned replaced, depending on its issue, the engine could sustain serious damage from overheating too often.

2.  Fan Clutch Has Started to Fail

Another possible reason why your truck's engine keeps overheating is that the fan clutch has started to fail. The fan clutch is responsible for engaging the engine's fan to help keep the airflow through the motor consistent. 

If the clutch is stretched or broken, the fan will either not turn on as often as it should or not at all. If this happens, the airflow meant to help cool the engine will be decreased or stopped, causing the engine's temperature to climb rapidly.

Whether the cause of the diesel engine's tendency to overheat is due to a bad water pump or fan clutch, the constant overheating could cause damage to the engine itself, such as breaking the seals or frying the pistons. Take your truck to an auto service that works on 6.6 Duramax performance engines so that they can find and fix the issue causing the overheating as well as check over the engine to ensure no other damage has been done.