Understanding the Signs That Your Car's Transmission Is Failing

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Understanding the Signs That Your Car's Transmission Is Failing

23 June 2021
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With most modern cars being equipped with a large number of warning lights, indicators, and other alert systems, many people have become complacent about watching for signs of car trouble. Instead, they wait for their car to alert them to a problem. Unfortunately, some of the sensors and indicators are only triggered when the problem is catastrophic or severe. If you want to identify potential transmission issues before they lead to complete transmission failure, there are some things you should know. Here are a few signs that you should watch for.

Heat From Your Transmission

The transmission and the assorted components all run through the center of your car's undercarriage. When your transmission is malfunctioning due to low fluid and thermal damage, you'll notice heat buildup in the center area of your car's passenger compartment. If you're noticing heat radiating out from between the front seats of your car, including a warm floorboard, shifter, or other areas, you should reach out to a transmission repair technician right away.

Vibration or Whining

If you notice your car starting to vibrate or whine when you shift it into gear, stopping when it's shifted into park or neutral, that's another key sign that there's likely a problem with the transmission. When the car is in neutral or park, the transmission is disengaged. As a result, trouble signs aren't as likely to be apparent. When you shift the car into gear, the transmission engages. That's when you'll often notice vibrations or odd noises coming from the gears in the transmission.

Slipping Gears

If you shift your transmission into gear, but then notice that the gears seem to slip or the gears don't respond in a timely manner, those are indications that the transmission is having trouble. Whether it's failing synchros, gear tooth wear, or low transmission fluid, you'll want to have this inspected and addressed as soon as possible.

Visible Leaks

If you back your car out of the driveway and you notice signs of leaks underneath, that's another key sign that there could be a problem. Check the leaked fluid to determine if it's oil or transmission fluid. If it's transmission fluid, that means that your car's transmission is leaking. It could be caused by damage to the transmission case, seals, or similar components. You'll need the transmission evaluated by a repair technician to isolate the source of the leak and repair it.

These are some of the key indications that your car has transmission trouble. Talk with a technician near you today for more information about fixing a transmission issue.