5 Signs You Need Auto Safety Glass Replacement

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5 Signs You Need Auto Safety Glass Replacement

17 August 2021
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Are you having difficulties seeing ahead because your windshield has obstructions? If so, it is best to have it replaced. The windshield plays a vital role in protecting people in the car against the oncoming wind and weather. Driving with a damaged windshield is risky for you and other road users. You can also get in trouble with the law. What are the signs you need your auto safety glass replaced? 

1. The View Is Obstructed

An obstructed view is risky because you cannot steer with 100% accuracy. A big cracked patch makes blind spots that can cause accidents. For example, you may not see a pothole and will hit it while at speed. A lack of clear vision will also slow your reactions. If you are having even slight difficulty seeing ahead, it is time to do auto safety glass replacement.

2. There Is Extensive Cracking 

Driving with a cracked windshield is risky for everyone in the vehicle. The crack weakens the glass and makes it more likely to break apart. Once the glass is cracked, the damage grows because of expansion and contraction caused by weather changes.

If you have a crack and are unsure of doing a replacement, ask an auto safety glass replacement service for an opinion. Sometimes they can patch small cracks, but often, they advise replacement when there is damage on the driver's side.

3. There Are Chips and Scratches 

Slight chips and scratches do not usually necessitate replacing the windshield, especially when on the passenger's side. Any weaknesses in the windshield make it more likely for the windshield to cave in from the pressure. Therefore, if your windshield has suffered a big impact from hitting a small animal, for example, it is advisable to do auto safety glass replacement. 

4. There Are Missing Sections 

Sometimes, a hard knock will remove sections of the windshield. This mostly happens when a small, hard object hits the windshield at high speed. It will punch through the glass and make a hole. Driving at speed becomes very uncomfortable because of the wind blowing through.

You must do auto safety glass replacement if there is any section missing regardless of the side it is located. 

5. The Law Requires It

You put other road users at risk when you drive with a damaged windshield. If you decide to drive with your car in this condition anyway, you are likely to be cited for a traffic offence or get off with a warning. In addition, your vehicle may not pass a safety check. Replace a damaged windshield if there is an upcoming safety check.

Are you concerned about visibility when driving? Then, contact auto safety glass replacement services. They can offer a diagnosis and glass replacement.