RV Repairs or Issues That Can't Wait for a Fix

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RV Repairs or Issues That Can't Wait for a Fix

1 April 2022
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Owning an RV can be very rewarding and provide an opportunity for a lot of fun and excitement while out on a road trip with family or friends. You likely do what you can to keep your RV in good condition, of course, but repairs might be needed from time to time. With that said, there are certain RV repairs that any owner will want to get taken care of immediately and before taking the RV back out on the road. Here are some RV repairs where you should immediately work to get a fix or contact a professional for assistance.

Your RV Toilet Won't Hold Water or Is Otherwise Experiencing Trouble

The typical RV toilet has a gasket in place that acts as a seal between the water in the toilet itself and the waste tank that will take on the water whenever the toilet is flushed. What happens if you flush and you notice that the new water coming into the toilet is not staying inside of it? If your toilet will not hold any water, this could mean the gasket seal is not as tight as it should be, and the fresh water going into the toilet is immediately draining or leaking into the wastewater tank instead. 

Nothing will bring a happy road trip to an end more quickly than toilet trouble. Not being able to take care of business when you need to or ending up in a situation where someone has to relieve themselves in a toilet with not enough water is not going to create a pleasant experience for anyone. Get your toilet fixed at the first sign of trouble before it turns into an issue on the road.

A Seal on Your Roof Is Not Holding Up Anymore

Your RV likely has a showerhead or other fixtures installed at the very top of your RV's interior. Installing that showerhead or other fixture likely required some sealant to be put into place on your RV's roof in order to ensure that no water from outside gets into the RV during the next rainstorm. If you begin to notice a crack along the RV's ceiling near one of these fixtures, this means the sealant is failing. Not getting it fixed immediately could lead to a leak that damages your RV interior.

Never Risk a Drive on a Bad Tire

An RV is a heavy vehicle considering all of the furniture or other things you have inside, and you need to make sure your tires and wheels are up to the task of properly supporting the weight of the RV while out on the road. Always check your tire pressure before every road trip and fix any issues with a tire ASAP that is leaking air or otherwise unstable. Driving on a bad tire can cause it to blow out on you while on the road, and that's a dangerous situation. Contact an RV repair professional for assistance.