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Mobile Tire Services

28 June 2022
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If a slow leak requires you to drive to a service station every few days, you may have contemplated having the damaged tire patched. Due to the dangers associated with driving a tire that is not properly inflated, seeking mobile repair services is a smart choice.

The Tire Repair Process

A plug or patch is typically used to repair a leaking tire. The material that is used will bond to rubber. A tire technician who offers mobile services will use an air compressor and a tire gauge during a service appointment. A customer may request a mobile service if they do not want to be inconvenienced by driving to a tire repair shop.

A technician can inspect and repair the tire in question and can provide an assessment of the other tires that are on a vehicle. If all four tires on a vehicle have the same amount of air in them, a vehicle will be able to handle well on paved and unpaved surfaces. A mobile tire repair technician may provide a test drive of a vehicle once they have repaired a tire.

A Tire Replacement

If a leaking tire is old or if a tire that has a small leak is one that is usually considered a spare tire, a client may want to seek some additional services. A technician will inspect an old tire. This will determine if the tread on a tire is deep enough to provide plenty of traction.

If a customer needs to replace a tire, they should contact a mobile provider and inquire about the tire products that they sell. A mobile technician will need to know the size and model of the tire that is currently on a vehicle. If they have a specific tire model in stock, they will bring the replacement tire with them. A manual jack and a lug wrench will be furnished by a mobile provider. 

A Service For Many Vehicles

A car dealer or a business owner who relies upon the use of multiple vehicles may benefit from using a mobile tire repair service. A service provider can assess all of the tires on the vehicles that will be sold or used at a place of business. By seeking an outside service provider, a business owner will reduce the number of accidents or inconveniences that they, their customers, or their employees will encounter when driving a vehicle that doesn't have properly-inflated tires.

To learn more, reach out to local mobile tire repair services.