Why Is Your Car's Engine Stalling?

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Why Is Your Car's Engine Stalling?

25 May 2023
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If your car stalls on the road or when you place it in gear, ask an auto service shop to check the engine immediately. Cars stall or suddenly shut off for a number of reasons, including fuel injection problems. If you don't repair your stalling car today, it could shut down on the road later. Learn why your car stalls and how an auto service shop can help below.

Why Did Your Car Stall?

The fuel injection system ensures gasoline travels through your engine properly. The system relies on many important parts to keep fuel running through your engine, including the fuel pump. If the pump fails, the engine won't have enough fuel in it to start your car or keep it started. 

Most cars made today rely on an electric fuel pump to process gasoline. The pump forcibly pulls gasoline out of your car's fuel tank and pushes it through a special filter for cleaning. The fuel pump can potentially fail if it becomes too old to push gasoline through the system. An aging fuel pump can cause your car to sputter on the road. 

The pump can also fail if becomes dirty, gritty, or watery. Dirty, gritty, or watery fuel loses its potency and strength over time. Your car's engine will eventually break down if doesn't contain clean gasoline inside it.

Along with the fuel issues above, the fuel pump can also stall or fail if the electrical components inside it wear down. The pump won't possess enough power to send gasoline through the filter or other parts of the system.

If want to prevent your car from stalling on the road in the future, ask an auto repair shop to check your fuel injection system now. 

How Do You Repair Your Stalling Car?

An auto repair shop will perform an electrical test on your fuel pump before they proceed further. An electrical test measures the power output and voltage of your car's fuel pump. If the pump's voltage is too low, a technician will replace the pump for you. 

A repair shop will also check the fuel filter, injectors, and other parts inside the fuel system for you. A dirty filter or clogged injectors can prevent gasoline from entering the engine. The problems can cause your car to take off slowly or stall on the road. A service provider can solve these problems by changing the fuel filter and cleaning out the fuel injectors.

Don't hesitate to take your car to an auto service shop for the services you need today.