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Hello, my name is Davey Jerome. Welcome to my site about auto service. When I was a young boy, the first task I learned to perform on my dad’s truck was an oil change. I delighted in letting the old oil flow out into the drain pan and removing the old filter. Adding the new filter and oil seemed to rejuvenate that old truck and ready it for another day of work on the farm. I will use this site to explore the process of performing automotive services on your own. I hope you can use the information on my site to learn about this important task.

3 Tips For Driving A Luxury Car…Without Paying Higher Maintenance Costs

19 May 2016
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You probably work hard, and one way that you might be thinking about treating yourself is by investing in a luxury car. However, on top of the higher price tag, one thing that you have to worry about is increased maintenance costs. The old myth that luxury cars can be expensive to maintain and repair is often true, depending on the make and model, but it is possible to drive a luxury car without paying too much for repairs and maintenance. Read More …

First Year Of College? 3 Tips To Avoid Overheating On Your Way To School

18 May 2016
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Heading off to college represents a major leap toward independence, and your car is one of the most important things you will take with you to school. During the next four years, you will drive many miles as you go back home for breaks and embark upon epic road trip adventures with your friends. Yet, every mile you travel is putting wear and tear on your car that can impact your ability to live comfortably on your own. Read More …

3 Must-Follow Diesel Repair And Maintenance Tips

18 May 2016
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Maintaining a diesel vehicle takes some experience and ingenuity. It also involves learning and exercising some crucial steps that will help you to get the absolute most out of your vehicle every time that you drive it. With this in the forefront of your mind, you should follow these points expressed in this article so that you are able to get excellent performance out of your diesel engine for the long term. Read More …

2-Step Guide For Temporarily Patching A Crack In Your Car’s Windshield

29 February 2016
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When you have a crack in your windshield, you may be bothered by the decrease in your vehicle's appearance. Aesthetics is not the only problem, however, since a crack in the glass could be dangerous, necessitating repairs as soon as possible. If you are unable to have the crack fixed immediately, use the following two-step guide for temporarily patching the crack. Step 1:  Fill The Crack With Super Glue Or Clear Nail Polish Read More …