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Hello, my name is Davey Jerome. Welcome to my site about auto service. When I was a young boy, the first task I learned to perform on my dad’s truck was an oil change. I delighted in letting the old oil flow out into the drain pan and removing the old filter. Adding the new filter and oil seemed to rejuvenate that old truck and ready it for another day of work on the farm. I will use this site to explore the process of performing automotive services on your own. I hope you can use the information on my site to learn about this important task.

Understanding the Signs That Your Car’s Transmission Is Failing

23 June 2021
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With most modern cars being equipped with a large number of warning lights, indicators, and other alert systems, many people have become complacent about watching for signs of car trouble. Instead, they wait for their car to alert them to a problem. Unfortunately, some of the sensors and indicators are only triggered when the problem is catastrophic or severe. If you want to identify potential transmission issues before they lead to complete transmission failure, there are some things you should know. Read More …