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Hello, my name is Davey Jerome. Welcome to my site about auto service. When I was a young boy, the first task I learned to perform on my dad’s truck was an oil change. I delighted in letting the old oil flow out into the drain pan and removing the old filter. Adding the new filter and oil seemed to rejuvenate that old truck and ready it for another day of work on the farm. I will use this site to explore the process of performing automotive services on your own. I hope you can use the information on my site to learn about this important task.

RV Repairs or Issues That Can’t Wait for a Fix

1 April 2022
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Owning an RV can be very rewarding and provide an opportunity for a lot of fun and excitement while out on a road trip with family or friends. You likely do what you can to keep your RV in good condition, of course, but repairs might be needed from time to time. With that said, there are certain RV repairs that any owner will want to get taken care of immediately and before taking the RV back out on the road. Read More …

What You Should Know About Fleet Services

24 February 2022
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A company that involves the use of a fleet of vehicles can experience a downfall if the vehicles were to stop working. For example, if you are running a limo service, your business can gain a bad reputation if vehicle problems are experienced during the time a customer is being driven around. Unfortunately, it is easy for a business owner to neglect his or her fleet when most of the attention is placed on other aspects of the company. Read More …

Signs You Need A Transmission Fluid Draining

2 February 2022
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How often you need to flush your transmission depends on the make and model, with specific recommendations available in your owner's manual. Generally, though, the service is necessary every couple of years on average. Your transmission is one of the vital systems on your car, and it depends on the fluid to stay well lubricated and working well. The following symptoms indicate it may be time to drain and clean the transmission fluid. Read More …

Can Your Car Survive The Cold? 4 Winter Repairs To Take Care Of

6 January 2022
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If you live in a region of the United States that's experiencing freezing temperatures this winter, you need to pay close attention to your car. You might not realize this, but the colder temperatures can wreak havoc on your car. In fact, you can expect to experience a few more problems with your car once temperatures dip into the freezing range. If you're not sure what winter issues to look for, read the list provided below. Read More …

What You Need To Know When Replacing A Broken Window In Your Vehicle

24 November 2021
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When a window gets broken in your car, truck, or SUV, replacing the glass is vital to the vehicle's security and to protect occupants from weather, road debris, and noise. The glass is often not difficult to change, but working with an automotive glass replacement technician to ensure the job is done correctly is generally the best solution.  Assessing The Damage One of the first things you need to do when a window is broken in your vehicle is to check the area around the glass to ensure there is no damage to it. Read More …